About Us

Hamsat Accessories Company LLC

Hamsat Accessories Company is owned by Mr. Samer Raed, a limited liability company registered in the UAE under license number (59429) and is located in Ajman, Industrial Area 2, Shop No. 20, in the United Arab Emirates. We sell accessories, jewelry, dresses, perfumes, makeup and everything necessary for women. We have been in the market strongly since 2004. We have a large base of customers from different countries of the world who have been able to gain their trust by dealing with them in these yearsThis was due to our insistence on keeping pace with the continuous development in fashion and latest trends in the world, in addition to that we have a teamwith practical experience and management to ensure public satisfaction with us

Our Vision :

We look forward to be one of the best Arab and international companies
To achieve leadership on the local, Arab and international levels, and to provide the highest quality in our products to customers to impress them and achieve their goals.
We are always our motto:
Wait for more success in your business.

Our morals :

Hamasat Accessories company is always committed to integrity and ethics in dealing with customers to form good relations with them and gain their trust by providing the best and the best services to them to achieve their full satisfaction with the work and reputation after sales, and we have a culture of teamwork and cooperation and freedom of work and appreciation of achievements and learning and growth and take responsibility towards Client and community.

Our Goals :

- Putting Hamsat Accessories in a special place in the list of the best accessories companies in the UAE.
- Providing the needs of public taste in proportion to the annual fashion and beauty.
- Achieving full satisfaction of the client for the service provided to him and ensuring that the level of service delivery was the highest degree.
- Pay attention to the quality of products and provide follow-up service after-sales to ensure the arrival of the product.
- The development of items and products in line with the pace of fashion as well as the development of electronic support services for the e-shop and social networking pages.

Our Brands